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AML Survey Database Reference No.: 305
Survey type: Magnetometer: recorded grid
Survey type: Resistivity: multiple traverse: recorded grid
To seek evidence of further buildings adjoining the Norman manor house in the grounds of Boothby Hall.
Auspices Ancient Monuments Laboratory Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission
Archive Holder Ancient Monuments Laboratory Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission

Publications :
Full report Virtual Catalogue Entry to support E.I. Migration BARTLETT,A./1984/Geophysics: Boothby Pagnell (AML Rep No 4230)


Watching brief maintained on drainage trenches around Norman manor house.
Auspices Heritage Lincolnshire
Director of fieldwork T Zeffert

Publications :
Note Medieval archaeology : journal of the Society for Medieval Archaeology 36/1992


Exposure & recording of stone floor in undercroft of manor house. Project funded by Drew Edwards Keene. Copy of report held at Lincolnshire SMR.
Director of fieldwork M C Dymond
Auspices Heritage Lincolnshire
Funding Body/Financier Developer

Publications :
Full report Trust for Lincolnshire Archaeology [assessment & evaluation reports] DYMOND,M./1992/Archaeological Works at Boothby Pagnell Manor House, Boothby Pagnell, Lincs.

1992-07-01 00:00:00- 1997-03-01 00:00:00 Air Photograph Interpretation RCHME: Lincolnshire NMP

The Lincolnshire project was carried out as part of the RCHME
National Mapping Programme (NMP), and began in July 1992 and was completed in March 1997. The air photograph interpretation and sketch transcription, at a scale of 1:10,000, was undertaken by the Aerial Survey Section in the York Office.

The project area covers the County of Lincolnshire (as defined by
the 1972 Local Government Act), but excludes the Lincolnshire Fens.
Some areas of Lincolnshire, bordering the western edge of the
project area, are included in the Nottinghamshire NMP project. The area comprises 191, 1:10,000 Ordnance Survey map sheets, or 4775 square kilometres.

The air photograph interpretation and sketch transcriptions were
produced to National Mapping Programme specifications, as inked overlays to 1:10,000 Ordnance Survey maps. All archaeological features visible as earthworks and cropmarks, with the exception of plough levelled ridge and furrow and indiscriminate extraction, were recorded to a terminal date of 1945. This incorporates prehistoric to modern features, including some industrial and military sites.

Various sources of information and data were utilised in the project. Specialist oblique and vertical photograph collections held by NMR: Air Photos and Cambridge University Committee for Aerial Photography, were consulted. Vertical photographs (Hunting Surveys) held by Lincolnshire County Council Planning Office and records held by the SMR were consulted.
The National Monuments Record MONARCH database was also consulted. Data from previous surveys (aerial reconnaissance, photo-transcription, and field survey) undertaken by Paul Everson and Dilwyn Jones between 1975 to 1987, were also consulted. This research was published in 1988 and 1991. In addition transcription of cropmark sites only, was undertaken by Dilwyn Jones in 1988-9, in north Lincolnshire and Humberside. The relevant transcription overlays and record sheets, were used as a basis for the Lincolnshire NMP mapping.

The archaeological features were recorded on the MORPH2 database, which includes a morphological classification and description. The data was also recorded in the National Monuments Record MONARCH database, creating 4194 new records and amending 1135 existing records. The archive, which consists of the transcription pencil and inked overlays, paper records (Map Note Sheet and MORPH Record Sheet) and specification and management reports, are held in the National Monuments Record Centre in Swindon.

Selected topics of research have been published in 1998.

2006 Architectural Survey BOOTHBY PAGNELL HALL

Director of fieldwork R Sheppard
Archive Holder Lincolnshire County Records Office
Auspices Trent and Peak Archaeological Unit

Publications :
Full report Trent and Peak Archaeological Unit [evaluation & assessment reports] Sheppard R/2006/An Historic Building Survey at Boothby Pagnell Hall, Lincolnshire.